Imagine living in a small community where, more often than not, people share traditions, have the best interests of the entire community at heart and genuinely get along.  Culebra is that place.  Whether at the beach, restaurants or just wandering around downtown, you’ll see familiar faces everywhere you go. Eventually, as you get to know the people you encounter, they’ll begin to feel less like neighbors and more like your island family. You’ll feel right at home at any community event whether a school fundraiser, Musica Pa’ Culebra concert , the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and always for the revelry of New Year’s Eve.
Culebra is an extremely safe place to raise children.  It’s a lot like having one giant family helping with them all the time.  I know from experience.  Anytime I pass another parent on the street, they say, “Oh I just saw your daughter at the park or riding her bike earlier!”  It’s a great feeling that there are always extra eyes looking after your young ones.

for more information on our community check the links below!

Fundacion de Culebra is a foundation dedicated to preserving Culebra’s environment, culture, and history.

En Culebra is a website and magazine dedicated to Culebra and all it has to offer. 

Island woman MJ gives you a slice of life in Culebra with a good sense of humor and plenty of great photos in this wonderful blog.

Chris Goldmark is the authority on Culebra fly fishing and light tackle since 1991.

The Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization formed in 2014 that works on various projects on the island.