Culebra’s beaches are world renowned.  Flamenco beach has been listed as a Top 10 beach in the world on numerous occasions.  Despite Flamenco getting all the attention, there is a plethora of beaches on the island and surrounding cays, each with their own offerings and charm.  From the vistas and white sand of Zoni, the beautiful protected reef systems of Melones and Tamarindo, or the solitude and waves of Brava, there is a beach for every person, activity, or occasion.


Flamenco beach is consistently listed as one of the Top 10 beaches in the world.  The powdery white sand, the calm crystal clear water, and the full range of amenities available make this the most popular beach on the island.  


Zoni Beach is the second most popular beach in Culebra, an option for beach lovers wanting a more quiet and secluded feel than Flamenco. From your lounge chair you can enjoy views of Cayo Norte, Culebrita, and the islands of St. Thomas and Tortola in the distance. Bring your favorite book, take a walk and claim a shaded spot under a leaning palm tree and relax to the sounds of the surf. 


Tamarindo is named for the tall tamarind trees that line the entrance to the beach.  The shore is a mix of sand and rocks, with just a few trees to provide shade.  Playa Tamarindo is most famous for its world class snorkeling as the waters are part of the Luis Pena Marine Reserve.  Just a few feet from shore, one is likely to run into curious sea turtles, stringrays, and if you are lucky majestic spotted eagle rays.   


Playa Brava is a long stretch of golden beach known for the leatherback turtles that nest there, and the fierce waves that crash upon the shore.  Strong undertows deter even the most experienced of swimmers.  A 20-30 minute hike to Brava will often result in your own private beach in the Caribbean.  


Melones is the perfect little beach to enjoy a sunset.  Located in the Luis Pena Canal Marine Reserve it is home to some of the best snorkeling on the island.  


Punto Soldado is a rocky beach that is great for a tranquil snorkel, or just a dip in the ultra refreshing, calm blue water.